Christmas tree buying tips

17 November 2014

Here is a helpful little guide to take the guesswork out of  buying a Christmas tree. first decide on a real or artificial tree. Real trees have many benefits, they will give off  a beautiful festive fragrance, a real tree takes harmful CO2 out  of the air. Real Christmas trees are a renewable resource and  are generally grown locally so do not create a large carbon footprint. Artificial trees use lots of resources and are generally made in the Far East so create a huge carbon footprint that is not offset by planting real trees in there place as with real ones.

Second decide where you are going to position your tree take a measurement of the area you will be putting in so its not guess work when you get to the Xmas tree seller. Try to position your tree away from radiators to help keep your tree alive longer. Remember that the height of an average room is 8 foot so keep in mind that if you are putting the tree in a stand and a star on the top it could add an extra foot to the height of your tree.

Thirdly, buy your tree early,(You can buy your tree early and keep it in water in the garden until your ready to put it up)  there is nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute and finding that all that is left is 3 ft and 20ft trees and nothing inbetween.

Fourth and final tip. Enjoy decorating the tree with the family.

We hope this has being of some help to you.  We will be supplying Noble Fir and Nordmann Pine.  Both of these trees are non shed and gives off a beautiful Christmas fragrance which in our opionion alway has fond memories of Christmas from years gone by.